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pancakeswap discord Nerve's swapping algorithmn is specifically designed for pegged assets, so it is much more efficent. PancakeSwap Feb 25 · 2 min read CAKE holders, today we are super happy to be able to offer you a new Syrup Pool from OpenDAO, a decentralized, censorship-resistant, trust minimized, viable and scalable endeavour to bring real-world assets on-chain in a meaningful manner. While PancakeSwap claims to have regained DNS, Cream Finance appeared to still be compromised at press time. NFT Marketplace AMA / Q&A Origin Protocol OGN. Exchange enables trading of a variety of liquid assets (Liquids) based on spot cryptocurrencies, commodities, and thematic indexes with nearly instant confirmation time and immediate finality. Forgalma az elmúlt 24 órában meghaladta az 1. Telegram Twitter Discord Reddit PancakeSwap Listing: ADX/USDT. How to buy bETGF ? First set Binance Smart Chain BSC at your metamask from this link ( Method) Than go to bounce finance ( link to buy will be posted on 5th Dec) As we previously announced in our 2021 roadmap, we are upgrading the Tom staking pool to a new contract. PancakeSwap uses an automated 92 Masternodes governance system, for each masternodes that the user creates via the mobile wallet; the user will receive 1 voting power to decide the future of the project, all decisions that the CashHand Project Team has to make from now on will be put to a vote on the mobile wallet, so that the owners of CashHand 2. If you do the Konami code on the keyboard (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right) on pancakeswap homepage - bunnies will start falling. 83 BNB. If you move your BTC from your Coinbase BTC Wallet to your Coinbase BTC Vault, it is in cold storage and to get it out you have to initiate the move out of the vault and approve the withdrawal via the two email addresses that you set up your vault with and also wait 24 hours. Python Jobs JavaScript Jobs API Jobs Java Jobs Bot Development Jobs Web Scraper Jobs Buy Rokucoin On Pancakeswap. - Pillar Project . PancakeSwap Blockchain, PancakeSwap Data, PancakeSwap Introduction, PancakeSwap Profile, PancakeSwap Review, PancakeSwap Price, PancakeSwap Marketcap, PancakeSwap Website, PancakeSwap Social, PancakeSwap Logo, PancakeSwap Info, PancakeSwap Investors, PancakeSwap Investments, PancakeSwap Team Members, PancakeSwap Founders A growing protocol ecosystem. The initial sale is available at a limited timeframe and will grant an additional 50% of the purchased amount, so take advantage of it before it ends! A portion of the sale will be used to provide initial liquidity in the market through top decentralized exchanges, such as PancakeSwap and Uniswap. There is a whole lot of exciting things planned such as farming and a new CEX listing along with BSC launch. KANGAL Kangal is a meme token turned into a DAO experiment that aims to create a community-owned decentralized applications ecosystem. Be sure to use a web3 wallet that supports BSC, such as Binance Chain Wallet or Metamask. Click here to find a detailed description of benefits that this integration with the Binance Smart Chain & PancakeSwap offers the DigitalNote ecosystem. This is an automated market maker (AMM) where you can exchange the wrapped ADX tokens or provide liquidity for them. distribution list of the 500 PancakeSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) — a decentralized finance (DeFi) application that allows users to exchange tokens, providing liquidity via farming and earning fees in return. Listing on PancakeSwap immediately after end of Presale with price X2. share. Hybrid systems are still relatively new, as few blockchains employ a robust enough difficulty algorithm which adjusts the time span between generated blocks for either PoW or PoS in unison. Usage!ghelp - Provides the bot’s commands via Direct Message!gcreate - Interactive giveaway setup Farming Game, users can farm anything they want, from trees, things, animals, or even humans. Bella Protocol is excited to share with our community that the Bella Syrup Pool will be officially open on PancakeSwap on March 6th, at 3 PM UTC+8! In October 2020, BEL (BEP-20) went live on the… PancakeSwap is the largest and most liquid automated market maker (AMM) on the Binance Smart Chain. 125% Stakers 0. 5% of the sale will be shared between users providing NLIFE/BNB liquidity to the Pancakeswap pool. The LP tokens for the IDO will be locked in Wault Locker (Locker. To make sure users have all the information they need to lend BNB and open leveraged yield farming positions on Alpha Homora (vBSC), we have prepared multiple Participating in wXDN/BUSD Pool Rewards on PancakeSwap. Request a token 📊 We regularly add new assets inspired by suggestions from our community! Index Funds. army For the first time in the history of gaming, Night Life Crypto allows users to stake liquidity. PYX Staking. PancakeSwap Mar 16 · 3 min read CAKE holders, today we are ecstatic to be able to offer you a new Syrup Pool from Beefy. The essence of CAKE, a young pilot platform launched at the end of September and developed on Binance Smart Chain in the development project financed by CZ Zhao, as the flagship of a new DeFi wave, is encapsulated in the formula: gamification + speed + low fees + 3-digit APY – continuous movement. 48. PancakeSwap Requires 5% Slippage. BogTools. We estimate the beta version will be launched this week. ※お断り ・私は問題が解決する直前で事件を知りました ・「不正なサイト」を私の目で直接確認できませんでした ・Twitter のタイムラインを元に、 何が起こった(と思われるか)をユーザ目線でまとめました ・間違いはコメントやDM等で突っ込み頂けると嬉しいです パンケーキは焼けるけど < image > = The image URL, @discord_user, the users name, discord / custom emoji, or, nothing inputted which will search through 25 messages for embeds or attachments < image - face > = Image requires a HUMAN FACE to be included 10. It’s only been a couple of months but 2021 has already seen the team busier than ever. HOW TO BUY. The bot itself has a variety of amusing, social commands which add a Initial Pancakeswap Liquidity: 3,000 bTBB - 2500 BNB. What’s the goal? The ultimate goal of Phase 1 is to login to Sminem’s PC and discover what happened. 125% Stakers 0. We mentioned that most Ethereum dapps have their BSC counterparts. This is an automated market maker (AMM) where you can exchange the wrapped ADX tokens or provide liquidity for them. BunkerBits is There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. 0625% DGN stakers 0. 4% Total - 0. Links - Alpaca Finance Important links Reach out to us and the MetaMask community here. Using Nerve instead, you'd receive $99,999. The price of PancakeSwap (CAKE) set a record, rising 286 percent in two weeks. Index funds will simplify asset management for investors in the same way that index funds do in the stock market: creating a single asset representing ownership in a diverse portfolio that tracks the market sector defined by the index. However, it can be pressed at anytime by anyone to start a harvest. Using PancakeSwap($5. 注意事項・免責事項 ・2021/02/11時点の情報です。記事内のリンク先の情報や取引所等において、基本的には私が利用した上で信用していますが、保証されている物ではありません。本記事の情報の利用により損失や被害が生じた場合、筆者は一切の責任を負うことはできません。投資は自己責任 Revolutionary Smart Contract with a small number of holders. Welcome, Guest. 🥞 PancakeSwap. Statistics. Join us on Discord. Yet Another Blockchain Community. Go to PancakeSwap and connect your wallet. BAT holders can use multiple bridges that connect Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems to participate in the DeFi ecosystem on BSC. We are building the world’s best cryptocurrency and token wallet that will become the dashboard for your digital life. Step 4. 2% Lenders - 0. Eventually this staking pool will be depreciated, and a new staking pool for the BogTools Fees will be implemented. Community. PancakeSwap CAKE Decentralized trading protocol on Binance Smart Chain. Spartan token [300] is a novelty project. The Mello Token is a cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain. Images can highlight a subject better than the written word, often. Over $17,800,358 in bounties available. 913. Stake PancakeSwap Cake-LP tokens to earn CNDY as rewards! Candy Finance CNDY Contract PancakeSwap CNDY-WBNB Audit Vote Docs Telegram Discord Twitter Medium Github Discord; Welcome To Fox Finance. One PancakeSwap (CAKE) is currently worth $15. . , security vulnerabilities, hacker attacks, malicious events, design logic and other criteria. finance if you’d like to avoid the fee and receive high APYs instead. Then, once complete, create a bot that automatically buys an item once it goes in stock. Here I present various works I've selected to turn into special edition, limited or rare collectibles. gg/ZCjWKr Swap Ratio : 1 AceD = 4 AceD Tokens New total supply = 100M AceD This is a mandatory swap. 90 Discord Discord: GitHub cashaadev: Bitcointalk Bitcoin Talk: Website Today we’re announcing the PancakeSwap LP tokens as collateral for borrowing and lending on C. 5 milliárd dollárt. Traders can place both limit and market orders against liquidity pools on popular DEXs such as Uniswap (Ethereum) and Pancakeswap (Binance Smart Chain). Users who have provided liquidity to the pools of Cake/WBNB, WBNB/BUSD, BTCB/WBNB CryptoSlovenia si - entry point to Crypto World for all crypto enthusiasts and perfect beginners. Telegram: LQX Community Grupo Português: PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain, with lots of other features that let you earn and win tokens. The SUSHI price is down -7. You can also join our discord here. Launch CoffeeSwap BSC. It covers top events about #crypto market sentiment, top adoption of the week, and many How does NFT DAO work? Regular farming can be boring — users provide liquidity in assets like BNB to receive LP rewards. Bunny is continuously striving to create innovative new Yield Optimization Strategies. It helps users protect themselves from internet censorship, content control and intrusive government surveillance, and strives to keep the internet as free as possible. Every time a player sells NLIFE tokens, 2. 50 . 121 Volounteers. 50 on February 18?The Binance Smart Chain (BSN) based PancakeSwap managed to hit an all-time high, rising 76 percent on a weekly basis. Token info All unused Tokens will be burned before adding liquidity to Pancakeswap. Facebook . Instead of just getting a APY via LP tokens, farmers also ‘mine’ NFTs. Response reflects just the frontend rendering. Weekly snapshots will take place and LP token holders will be rewarded with wCRW according to the percentage of the liquidity they hold in the pool. MILK2 is the cornerstone of the SpaceSwap ecosystem which makes this step the most important one of all. All they need is a Seed , which can be made by voting using BAF utility token, and Plot NFT & Tool NFT, which will be created once a new kind of Seed NFT been added to the Game. 85 $ 0. It launched in September 2020 and is a decentralized exchange for swapping BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. Github. In the last 24 hours PancakeSwap's trading volume exceeded £495. join the Discord server and ask in the public channels only for help. Go to PancakeSwap and connect your wallet. Trade wXDN with other coins. The intelligent Income and Reward Calculator allows you to predict revenue streams through staking, masternodes, dividends etc. 81% Upvoted. Friendly Altcoins & Crypto Forum. ” PancakeSwap’s Twitter account then confirmed that it had been hacked, too, suffering a “DNS hijack. 20 Years in the Vacation Rentals Industry. Invite. Note: bTBB is only for BSC network. 025% Team and liquidation reserve - 0. snapshot. 7B+ TVL) which is the largest AMM on Binance Smart Chain, you'd receive $99,396. További hírekért és elemzésekért csatlakozz a Discord csatornánkhoz és kövess minket a YouTube-on is. Brand assets. Andoromeda has 68 repositories available. 60, so this area will be a key psychological barrier for PancakeSwap. Features This is a huge step in DigitalNote’s journey toward making it the blockchain of choice when it comes to cryptocurrency, DeFi features, and interoperability. Finance, or BUFFI, is an open source and mathematically verifiable smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). si je začela delovati Januarja 2021 na Discord pogovornih kanalih, kjer so se zbrali kripto entuzijasti in popolni začetniki. If you need to speak to a technical support agent regarding your MetaMask, you can submit a request here, please be sure to: Discord; Swag; Denarius (D) BlockForums; Recent News; Prices; Select Page. NordVPN is a trusted online security solution used by over 12 million internet users worldwide. The purpose is to exchange ideas and knowledge and the main topic are: * registration for transmission, transfer from and to TRR account * advice on how to enter cryptocurrencies safely * using metamask wallet and connection to DeFi (UniSwap) * using Binance wallet and DeFi (pancakeswap Host python code that automatically checks websites once an item restocks and alerts discord group. Discord: https After whitelisting closes, the presale will occur on Sunday, March 21st, 2021. It allows yield farmers to earn higher return by opening leveraged positions. g. PancakeSwap Decentralized Exchange for trading Wrapped YEC (WRY). The addition of the bALBT Syrup Pool with over $100,000 worth of liquidity reflects the next step of the rapidly growing AllianceBlock Liquidity Mining program and is the continuation of the joint effort between AllianceBlock and Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap to GBP Chart CAKE to GBP rate for today is £11. Another one is moonshot it just came out last week its rare to find , only on pancakeswap right now , this coin has the potential for good return , if you plan to get out early, im planning on dropping a hundred on it and letting it ride , it could do 10x . PancakeSwap Konami Code Easter Egg Was looking through the source code and found an easter egg. This is their collection of madness. 68 on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Finance, a yield optimizer operating on Binance Smart Chain. Presale URL. ade mc @ adespress. February 19th 2021 @ 12:00 PM EST (5:00 PM UTC) 1 / 4 / 8 bTBB tokens are required for each tier, the same as on ETH. Join our community. We are happy to share that starting from today, users can now access RAMP (BEP20) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), via RAMP-BUSD liquidity pools on PancakeSwap and JulSwap! Users holding RAMP (ERC20)… Compare PancakeSwap alternatives for your business or organization using the curated list below. 0 will be a set of capitalization-weighted index funds. PancakeSwap (cake) is a digital asset ranked as #47 in BitCourier Cryptocurrency List with market capitalisation of £1. Pound Sterling. Then, proceed to the 'Exchange' page. With over 60. Does pancake have a official Discord ? 3. According to their tweets, the projects’ DNS had been compromised. 2 release on BSC(PancakeSwap)-Stop loss, take profit, limit orders, commitment adding - Same UI as ETH version Fee Distribution (BSC version) 0. Credit to WarrenDSherman for cover art! Once Graviex switches over to the new token, all swap requests will be rejected. org. Follow their code on GitHub. Discord. This empowers your Roblox community with the following advantages: Speak with confidence, because everyone is who their name says they are. Spread the loveScammers attack Discord users on crypto-focused servers, with private messages that seem to come from bogus exchanges that give away Bitcoin and Ether. COFEDEX Mainnet. 75% of Funds will be for liquidity at Pancakeswap. Earlier today, a similar service called Cream Finance said its DNS (domain name service) had been “compromised by a third party. MarketCap $2,425,594,745. 2 release on BSC(PancakeSwap)-Stop loss, take profit, limit orders, commitment adding - Same UI as ETH version Fee Distribution (BSC version) 0. 5080. https://bt. You won't find MILK2 in the list of available tokens or be able to find it by searching the name. Every day, BT Finance and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium. Cant link to pancakeswap anymore, no way to remove my money now. 1113223 Distributed Tokens. Diversify. We need the two functions: caluculateTVL = () = {} calcu. right away. The most active trading pair on PancakeSwap exchange is 0XBB4CDB9CBD36B01BD1CBAEBF2DE08D9173BC095C/BUSD. 000 wCRW will be airdropped to liquidity providers of the PancakeSwap wCRW-USDT pool during March. blog How to Stake CAKE on PancakeSwap Written by Kenneth Garofalo Tutorials • February 11, 2021 Pancakeswap. PANCAKESWAP DISCORD AND Question. report. E. Keep reading to learn all the details. With an average critical bounty size of: $92,229. RAMP token holders can farm CAKE or RAMP by staking on PancakeSwap, and Go to Discord Find a Tribe. By supporting the DigitalNote Foundation, you are doing your part as a community memeber to help fund Exchange listings, development, marketing and all the things that you want in DigitalNote. 4 in value. hide. Powered by GitBook 🚀RoadMap. pancakeswap TypeScript PancakeSwapは、Binance Smart Chainで実行される分散型取引所であり、トークンを獲得して獲得できる他の多くの機能を備えています。 PancakeSwap(分散型取引所)で、通貨を預けると、手数料の一部としてCAKEを貰うこともできます。 PancakeSwap Token (CAKE) fundamentals, including website, explorer, announcement, algorithm, mining rewards, and supply. Such pools are filled with users’ funds. GoSwapp gives users the ability to track the performance of their favorite tokens and manage their trades from anywhere in the world. Step 2. Users can find the network’s performance through Pancakeswap’s analytic page. Mar 5 · 2 min read ZKSwap has completed the airdrop to liquidity providers of PancakeSwap, the leading DEX on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Mdex, a leading DEX on Huobi Eco-Chain & Ethereum on DigitalNote utilizes a hybrid distribution method, organizing both PoW and PoS together onto a singular blockchain. Yılın ilk haftasında platformun ortalama hacim oranı 37 milyon, Şubat’ın ilk haftasındaki ortalama hacim oranı ise yaklaşık olarak 994 milyon dolardır. Compound Yields on Binance Smart Chain with Bunny. If you had entered Pancakeswap back last SEPT/OCT 2020, factoring in price increase and rewards levels, you would be sitting at a minimum of 6600% APR. It’s only been a couple of months but 2021 has already seen the team busier than ever. 5 milyar dolara dayandı. It aims to be a store of value with a supply of only 300. Finance), along with the team tokens. Max presale allocation per wallet: 50 BNB. Calculate TVL of swap all lp pairs, 24 hours volume of swap Currently, our TVL is only from Farming pools, We haven't calculated the total value provided via liquidity in the swap exchange. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is exploring multiple blockchains as a part of its Themis initiative and is now also available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as wrapped BAT. PancakeSwap is established in year 2020. SafeGalaxy Intergalactic Static Liquidity Protocol WhitePaper Charts HODL 10K holders in 48 hours and counting! LIFT OFF After PreSale All Liquidity Will Be Locked For 5 Years. SOUP can be bought at PancakeSwap. SourceForge ranks the best alternatives to PancakeSwap in 2021. 8% fee will be considered a feature of the protocol. In addition, it may benefit you to understand more about “ impermanent loss ” before adding liquidity to a pool. BINANCE SMART CHAINBSC SCAN PANCAKESWAP(SOON) Discover. Little white box next Smart chain wallet Icon, takes forever to load. Discord link: discord. B Non-Fungible Yearn is a new experimental DeFi protocol. Friction Finance runs on BSC and shares liquidity with Pancakeswap to provide users the best prices with large pools of liquidity. Join us on Discord https://discord. PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange for swapping BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. 100+ persons Join Discord . Twitter Telegram Discord Reddit LinkedIn Facebook. Use some of your BOG along with some BNB to provide liquidity on pancakeswap. Discord: https://discord. The Uniswap protocol empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all. 0625% DGN stakers 0. In this Video we Introduce Crpto B's new $250 monthly giveaway and Do a rundown on Everything PANCAKESWAP!! 🔥🔥 Monthly Giveaway Channel - https: Members in Discord. You will be able to buy our NFTs with 300 in the future. If WRY doesn't show up, enter contract address PANCAKESWAP LP FARM JUSTSWAP UNISWAP yZYX LP FARM MOONISWAP BURGERSWAP READ ON MEDIUM Discord. Unimex v1. Earn PancakeSwap (CAKE) passive income. What do you need to do? At present, BCNA holders don’t need to take any action. The developers already did some NFT pre-sales last month PancakeSwap’ın toplam piyasa değeri, 1 Şubat 2021’de 300 milyon dolar seviyelerindeyken bugün, yani 17 Şubat 2021 itibari ile 1. S. Telluric Token is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), powering the Telluric Project and allowing for some very good features for adopters! For example, it allows you to stake your TELT at 5% apr (current) and claim live interest, and TEL The Company. Why is the price of CAKE rising, increasing to $11. Garbage. We are excited to announce that Alpha Homora v1 will be launching on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in the coming weeks, allowing a larger DeFi user base to benefit from earning a high lending interest rate on BNB and taking leveraged yield farming positions on PancakeSwap. is a decentralized exchange, AMM & yield farm on Binance Smart Chain. Make a positive social impact while maximizing your returns! Social Impact Network is an ecosystem to maximize your returns while creating a positive social impact through real-world asset funds and DeFi protocols. Changes hairstyles from places 1 to 8 for female V Read writing from BT Finance on Medium. Read More → PancakeSwap Jan 12 · 2 min read CAKE holders, we are happy to announce that in addition to the IFO on January 13th 2020 at 6pm SGT, we will also be launching a Syrup Pool with Helmet! PancakeSwap is a DEX and AMM built on Binance Smart Chain that allows anyone to swap BEP-20 tokens efficiently and safely. 00027209 bitcoin(s) on major exchanges. Bekijk het totale handelsvolume, de handelskosten, de lijst met paren, de kostenstructuur en andere informatie over de cryptocurrency-beurs PancakeSwap. Pancakeswap Docs ARG. About the Project. Variety of one shots and stories from multiple writers, featuring color-swap/OoC Weiss. 1069 5 YFI/CAS PancakeSwap $ 893. PancakeSwap Mar 14 · 2 min read CAKE holders, today we are delighted to be able to offer you a new Syrup Pool from Pancake Bunny, a yield farming aggregator & optimizer on the Binance Smart Chain. 42. Did you miss your What Tupperbox allows you the convenience of having multiple accounts with different names and avatars without any of the hassle of logging out and in to each of them. deBatsnikov: Lover of a good Broth (Meet him in the Let us know what you think on Discord or Twitter. Trading fees will be significantly reduced as it will cost on average $1–2 compared to $50 + on Uniswap (eth network) at the moment. Discord Reddit Decentralized crypto exchange PancakeSwap has been hacked, per a tweet. Transactions pop up out of the blue 2 hours later We are always open to any suggestions that will possibly help our site grow. Alpaca Finance is a leveraged-yield farming protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain. Afterward, the 0. 3 weeks DeFi Exchange PancakeSwap Warns of Hack: ‘Do Not Use the Site’ Decrypt . Wault. PancakeSwap is the current most active market trading it. Fox is a progressive auto-staking token that pays out rewards just for holding it within your wallet! Circulating Supply The anonymous team that developed the PancakeSwap AMM Platform likes to keep it simple, straightforward and factual with few words but lots of pictures of syrupy pancakes and gluttonous rabbits. PancakeSwap scam phishing for seed Same attack vector: Unsolicited discord DM spam in crypto channels like @BreederDodo or @FantomFDN Same C2: 37. Today we’re excited to tell you what this upgrade entails, as well as how and when it will happen! CointradeCX EXC Cripto Bullgain BPDex PancakeSwap Zcore Finance. This airdrop covers 48,956 addresses on Pancakeswap and 6,293 addresses on Mdex. Kangal holders are already able to create and vote on governance proposals, and soon will be able to stake Kangal tokens for the utility token of the ecosystem, and use it on the decentralized applications that will be powered by the utility token. Join Discord Discord Members. 0625% UMX stakers (Bridged to ETH) - 0. 4 CAS/WBNB PancakeSwap $ 4,101. For those who aren’t that much into DeFi, PancakeSwap is one of the biggest DeFi products on the market. 69M across 59 exchanges. One such example is PancakeSwap - a BSC equivalent of Uniswap. The solution provided by the PancakeSwap team was to use the PancakeSwap Decentralized Exchange for trading Wrapped YEC (WRY). By staking CAKE tokens, participants in the pool earn ALICE tokens. PancakeSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Buffalo. Live bug bounty programs. More About Us. I think 'visual communicator' is good too. Compare features, ratings, user reviews, pricing, and more from PancakeSwap competitors and alternatives in order to make an informed decision for your business. Deze video is bedoeld voor educatie in de discord groep van Black & Crypto. 18 with a 24-hour trading volume of $ 860. . 33% in the last 24 hours. So please stake your tokens on app. dollars is $2. Then, proceed to the 'Exchange' page. Namen je izmenjava idej in znanja med slovenskimi uporabniki, glavne teme so: CoinMarketCal is the leading economic calendar for reliable cryptocurrency news. 20 . save. Discord; Telegram Track your farming and pool performance on the Binance Smart Chain with farm. GoSwapp is the first defi app to bring the Uniswap And Pancakeswap trading experience to mobile phones. 89. We mentioned that most Ethereum dapps have their BSC counterparts. Useful Links. Trading Pairs: WRY/BNB, WRY/ BUSD. 25% of Funds will used for farming at BSC. Although the smart contracts have been audited, just like any new experiment, there is risk involved. - Calculate now! Feedback; Other; Custom Status History; That would quickly fill up the audit log with information that is rarely useful to server mods/admins. That means that while you can trade digital assets on the platform, there isn’t an order book where you’re matched with someone else. Step 3. ” This is now confirmed. Github. Conceal Network is a secure peer-to-peer privacy framework empowering individuals and organizations to anonymously communicate and interact financially in a decentralized and censorship resistant environment. Tegnap a Pancakeswap nevű DeFi tőzsde legyőzte az Uniswap-ot, ami a 24 órás kereskedési volument illeti és átvette az első helyet a DeFi-k között. Hold giveaways quickly and easily on your Discord server! GiveawayBot is powered by JDA and JDA-Utilities. 025% SWAP stakers - 0. 2% Lenders - 0. 0625% UMX stakers (Bridged to ETH) - 0. PancakeSwap is the largest and most liquid automated market maker (AMM) on the Binance Smart Chain. Sushiswap is an AMM DEX on the Etherum network that plans to bridge its latest BentoBox feature to the Binance Smart Chain. Powered by GitBook 📊COFE. After March 28, PancakeSwap (CAKE) suffered considerable losses after touching a record-high of $18. PancakeSwap removed all reward funds from the TWT/CTK/INJ pools to prevent the attackers from stealing more rewards than they deserved. Add liquidity to Pancakeswap(ETH-COFE) Hotbit . 41 for one coin. 000 followers on Twitter and 15. 025% DGN buybacks and burns Well integrated in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, PancakeSwap has a vivid community potentially contributing to the growth of the AllianceBlock Liquidity Mining Program. Invest. There are 306 coins and 3041 trading pairs on the exchange. What is PancakeSwap? PancakeSwap is a Decentralized Exchange built on top of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 64 GBP. The message includes a connection that opens […] The world staking platform on Binance Smart Chain. finance/. > Note*: The team plans to harvest (startTheFryer) 6x a day, every 4 hours. R. Linear. party/invite. This option system will allow users to speculate on market movements; whether the market goes up or down. PancakeSwap is a Binance Smart Chain-based DEX launched by anonymous devs with a penchant for breakfast foods and Twitter Telegram Discord Reddit LinkedIn Facebook. 025% SWAP stakers - 0. 000 members on Telegram, the protocol has a lot of supporters that can now earn rewards in bALBT and CAKE. The value (or market capitalization) of all available PancakeSwap in U. 33 Honeyswap and Pancakeswap What We're About Innovation. PancakeSwap to USD Chart CAKE to USD rate for today is $15. - Pillar Project Friction Finance is powered by TAO token which adds a governance layer and powers the self-sustaining pools and farms without ever minting a new token. CAKE is the most undervalued coin in the Top 100 - "/biz/ - Business & Finance" is 4chan's imageboard for the discussion of business and finance, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Aside from the launch on Binance, the token went live on PancakeSwap. Listing Price: 1 bTBB = . 32 billion. The tokens will be locked for the chosen time. Trading Pairs: WRY/BNB, WRY/ BUSD, WRY/CAKE. Once reaching presale hardcap, the following day on Monday, March 22nd, SWIRL’s IDO will happen on PancakeSwap. Decentralized finance is the new black, and the native token of AdEx Network, ADX, is a part of that ecosystem. We are happy to share that a RAMP-BUSD farm has been launched on PancakeSwap, the largest DEX on Binance Smart Chain. Then, the full DApp and monitoring UI will be available in around two weeks. List of all RAMP (RAMP) exchanges, where you can buy, sell and trade RAMP, live prices and trade volumes from more then 8 markets. DigitalNote XDN Foundation. Kaspersky’s latest research reported that the hackers had also gone so far as to make the fake site look as persuasive as possible. This roadmap is a work in progress and serves to cast a light on our vision for BogTools into 2021 and beyond — however, we believe the things we can build with the BogTools technology have not yet even been thought of. 5% transaction fees. 0 masternodes can decide the future of the project project where their money is We are building the world’s best cryptocurrency and token wallet that will become the dashboard for your digital life. 36 Months of Activity. wault. 5️. org - pancakeswap/snapshot How to Stake CAKE in the CAKE Pool. Explore. A. You can also exchange one PancakeSwap for 0. Ontdek welke munt het meest actief wordt verhandeld op PancakeSwap. RoVer is an open source, drop-in Discord verification bot that will allow your members to safely authenticate their Roblox account on your Discord server. Cryptohopper is the best crypto trading bot currently available, 24/7 trading automatically in the cloud. Trade your cryptocurrency now with Cryptohopper, the automated crypto trading bot. Az Uniswap több, mint egy éves uralma a végéhez közeledik: az Ethereum lánc már csak óriási utalási költség mellett tudja elvégezni a transzfereket; a tőke pedig az Ethereum The first mAssets to list on PancakeSwap will be the major tech stocks Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, and Google via their mirrored mAsset versions. join our community . List COFE in Exchanges Cookie Duration Description; cookielawinfo-checbox-analytics: 11 months: This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Users who visited the websites of both DeFi projects were greeted by a pop-up requesting their seed phrase. Julien Great Priest of the Holy PEG (Meet him in the telegram or discord). Of course, these examples are really focusing on early months APR with the price difference and the APR would have dropped significantly over time. Binance Smart Chain has much lower transaction fees than Ethereum. The old AceD chain will no longer be supported. 18% of the Cake market-buys Fries on PancakeSwap and sends these fries directly to Fries Stakers (Ketchup Holders) 6️. Spend. 000000110 and WhiteBit has it at 000000150, then it might be better to send all your coins to a WhiteBit wallet and exchange them there as opposed to selling them back to pancakeswap. Discover great web3 organizations, work on meaningful projects and build relationships with like minded people. army Csatlakozz Discord-közösségünkhöz és mondd el a véleményed ott is! A Jet Fuel Finance, a TurtleDex-szel együttműködő hozamgazdálkodási vállalat megerősítette a csalást a Twitteren. 04/04/2021 14:43:43 Cookie Policy +44 (0) 203 8794 460 Free Membership Login Monitor Low fees and fast transaction times make Pancakeswap a fun and exciting liquidity mining platform, and where new tokens can be earned by staking Cake in the Pools. The Marko Finance smart contract has been evaluated by Techrate against 21 security risks, e. finance to receive BOG-BNB Cake-LP tokens. How to use hi everyone welcome to my blog In this blog and video i share about my top 3 best bsc coin now this is my own point of view about these coin so DYOR before Investment. This country girl knows a good trade when she sees one! I really like this! I love the creativity! And that's what's so great about sims is the endless ways to play! It took me a while to find my playstyle a few years ago and I was getting bored with it. Big announcement today – UpBots users can now trade their capital on FTX with bots through the UpBots platform. One such example is PancakeSwap - a BSC equivalent of Uniswap. finance/. "When Lambo? When Altseason?" Discover our weekly "#Crypto #Highlights" published article every Monday. Kettejük közül egyébként a PancakeSwap jelentheti a nagyobb fogást, ami a Binance Smart Chain ökorendszer legnagyobb decentralizált tőzsdéje. If you’d like to add GiveawayBot to your server, use the following link: 🔗 https://giveawaybot. They deposit them into the pool, receiving liquidity provider (or LP) tokens in return. It has a current circulating supply of 148 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of $277,905,133. Current staking & interest rates, opportunities, service providers, charts, tutorials and more. M. It allows starting XRT trading on PancakeSwap, the biggest DEX on BSC, on March 16th. Mostly I find things I want to express about: Nature, evolution, forces, the elements, change Hoe pas je de Slippage aan. #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrencies #blackencryp PancakeSwap 1 day ago · 2 min read CAKE holders, today we are delighted to be able to offer you a new Syrup Pool from Nerve Finance , Nerve is an automated market maker (AMM) specifically designed for trading stablecoins and pegged assets on the Binance Smart Chain. However, ultimately the project is a copy of Uniswap. It allows yield farmers to earn higher return by opening leveraged positions. Finance and PancakeSwap reportedly came under attack by hackers. The first product developed by Kindynos that uses the Polis 2. 8:4783 With the NewsCrypto Coin (NWC) token now being launched on PancakeSwap, users are able to benefit from its impressive liquidity and range of additional features – providing even more utility to NWC holders. I went onto pancakeswap, fooled around, played with things, left with more money than i went in after about 5 days, compared to all my ETH based experiences i cannot praise pancakeswap enough! Simple, fast, fees no problem at all. In the PancakeSwap sourcecode on Github the developers didn’t even remove the references to Uniswap. A @DeFiStalker nevű felhasználó képernyőképeket tett közzé az átirányított likviditáspoolokról. . This feature will be coined as the PancakeSwap Prediction Market. That means that while you can trade digital assets on the platform, there isn’t an order book where you’re matched with someone else. Step 1. PancakeSwap is rolling out what is known as binary options. PancakeSwap surpasses Uniswap in trading volume. It has a current circulating supply of 148 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of £200,996,433. When MDO trades below the $1 target price When MDO price is below the target price of $1, token holders can purchase Midas Dollar Bonds (MDB) by burning MDO to reduce the circulating supply with a 1:1 ratio, and Bonds will be burnt when users redeem MDO with a premium bonus. On the upper right hand corner you can click to “ Connect “. Exchange rate cake to USD is $17. Trash, glitchy and errors. Currently, the program supports PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap uses an automated market maker (AMM) model where users trade against a liquidity pool. 'Artist' is a broad term. They generate a lot of trading volume. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". Additionally, UniTrade is currently developing its own DEX that will debut late 2021. PancakeSwap, one of the leading DEXs on BSC, requested the integration of The Graph on BSC. You can stake these tokens with the interface above to earn a share of the 4. //discord. Explore the newly listed Uniswap tokens and track the token metrics, price graphs, and transactions in an easy-to-understand and useful UI interface. Twitter Telegram Discord Reddit LinkedIn Facebook. 2% (the remaining amount) is paid as a maintenance/gas fee. 1/5 rare pop arty 'Hodl Badge' for strong, early hands in 2020. 👑 Midas Dollar Protocol. According to PancakeSwap Welcomes Dego Finance to Syrup Pool! CAKE holders, today we are delighted to be able to offer you a new Syrup Pool from Dego Finance, a cross-chain NFT and DeFi protocol and an open NFT ecosystem where anyone can mint NFTs, initiate NFT mining, auctions and trading. According to TradingView data, BNB has surged over 500% in the last 30 days and is now trading at $265, after suffering a small correction Alpha Homora (vBSC) is now live! The beginning of a multi-chain Alpha ecosystem and the value accrual mechanism across multiple chains starts now. Start by going to pancakeswap. I hope some of them shed some light, or hold some meaning. Pancake is an easy to use, high-quality, multi-purpose Discord music bot with moderation, fun, and more! Off-chain gasless multi-governance client. Let’s get started with learning how to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap. If you really want to log people's statuses, you could write a bot for that. We will be using the popular Pancakeswap protocol to launch. Cryptocurrency trading education, analytics, and social prediction platform NewsCrypto is set to become one of the first cross-chain cryptocurrencies added to PancakeSwap – the leading PancakeSwap Listing: ADX/USDT. Track your farming and pool performance on the Binance Smart Chain with farm. The transaction price of CAKE/USDT is hovering above the Exponential Moving Average ribbon. AllianceBlock’s Liquidity Mining Program is the first officially endorsed and audited Liquidity Mining Program on Binance Smart Chain. The team will disclose more details once developments are finalized. 84 Bn. It is the biggest Automated Market Maker (AMM) based exchange in BSC. Saddle up and ride BUFFI for advanced passive income farming. More posts from the pancakeswap community. Telegram We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Teams get access to private discord channels to discuss, dissect and figure out clues. Twitter . Join Twitter Twitter Follows. In addition to Coinbase Wallets (which are less safe), for each Coinbase Coin, they have a Coinbase Vault (cold storage). UniTrade is a cross-chain, decentralized trading platform that automates buy and sell orders. Unimex v1. Please login or register. I think these coins has great potential to give us more then 10x profit in few mon ZKSwap has completed the airdrop to liquidity providers of PancakeSwap, the leading DEX on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Mdex, a leading DEX on Huobi Eco-Chain & Ethereum on March 5, 2021. “Since being added to staging, the speed of read/data queries is great; and the process has been all smooth thus far!” said Chef Kai, Cofounder at PancakeSwap. The reimbursement will cover the tokens shifted starting from the token’s launch on PancakeSwap to the moment of this article’s publication. If WRY doesn't show up, enter contract address Thanks to Cosmos, the BitCanna project will be exposed to millions of potential new investors using Uniswap, Sushiswap, Pancakeswap and exchanges alike. 7, almost zero slippage. 4% Total - 0. 120 000 WAULT – Initial Liquidity for PancakeSwap (12 %) 500,000 WAULT – Liquidity Mining Supply ( 50% ) 120,000 WAULT and 700 BNB will be added in PancakeSwap Liquidity. Binance Coin (BNB), the native token of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has surged to a new all-time high above $260 and is now the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, surpassing Tether’s USDT stablecoin and Polkadot’s DOT. This is accomplished through Discord Webhooks and is highly configurable, you set a pattern for the bot to detect in your messages and when detected, the bot replaces your message with one under the matching name and avatar (and Airdrop for PancakeSwap Liquidity Providers AMA / Q&A AMA on Discord Discord OTHER Polka City POLC. The SUSHI liquidity pools on PancakeSwap are a huge positive to the entire De-Fi community, promoting interoperability and easy De-Fi access. Vue MIT 204 1 0 0 Updated Mar 18, 2021. AuDeFi is a financial technology company that offers a unique hybrid cryptocurrency venture capital fund. Token contract: 0x37e5598207c5bcd179951f6cea785dd797a60ff6 Total Supply: 100,000 ROK (ROKUCOINS) – Circulating Supply: ~25000 ROK Team PancakeSwap. Early Stage! There is currently no API contract, the response can be changed at any time when needed. Easy to use, powerful and extremely safe. Our mission is to safeguard the financial well-being of entrepreneurs and innovators around the world, so they can unleash their creativity without being beholden by large investors. You won't find MILK2 in the list of available tokens or be able to find it by searching the name. If pancakeswap has the value at . Staking is the way to earn the most out of Pyxis network. gg/9nGnnyZ. Alpaca Finance is a leveraged-yield farming protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap is the biggest DeFi application, with 47 thousand users according to DappRadar. 025% Team and liquidation reserve - 0. This is the section for those posts. Mar 27, 2021. Long ago, in a distant Discord server, several authors were captured by a crazy idea: Weiss Schnee, inverted. holders get 5 % back though Take it all with a grain of salt!! OwO Discord Bot Keep track of your OwOs and compete globally! Hunt for animals and fight other users! OwO Commands Prefix: owo Contains global/local/guild leaderboards for how many times you said ‘OwO’! Use cowoncy to hunt for animals and expand your collection! OwO is a discord bot created by Discord User Scuttler#0001. Conceal has a huge thriving community of awesome people that are sharing ideas, working together and helping each other regardless of where they are in their Blockchain journey. then I realized I don't have to follow the boring go to work, get married, have kids mode over and over. 83 M. The easiest way to get started is to start or join a team. The Sushi price prediction sentiment is currently bearish. It provides a decentralized trading experience combined with liquidity PancakeSwap is for swapping BEP-20 tokens, but you can use bridge sections to provide liquidity for ERC-20 and TRC-20 tokens as well. 025% DGN buybacks and burns Zaps = Smart Contracts combining multiple on-chain actions to make DeFi easy to use and accessible to all. For more information or if you have any questions/concerns, please join our Discord group. Verifiable Randomness Oracles, Pancakeswap Limit Orders and Smart Oracles with more BogTools Coming Soon. Below is everything you need to know. Exactly what these crypto experiences should be. It’s always great to have options, whether it’s which cocktail to enjoy at the beach, which type of delicious cookie to enjoy, or what crypto exchange to trade on. A total of 2,762,450 ZKS were airdropped. pancakeswap. 6 losing $603. Wattpad connects a global community of millions of readers and writers through the power of story Skupnost KriptoSlovenija. The WAULT liquidity on PancakeSwap will be protected inside Wault Locker for 6 months, locked through inviolable smart contracts. Discord. snapshot. If you have Telegram, you can view and join PancakeSwap right away. Current price - £12. Skip to content. However, ultimately the project is a copy of Uniswap. Websites of DeFi projects Cream. The project’s Twitter account is warning users to stay off the site because it is under a DNS hijack attack. Mello will create a low cost, virtual casino environment in which users can wager their rewards for the chance to earn more crypto. The Sushi price is currently $ 15. BUY ON PANCAKESWAP. 2 hours Discord channels Reddit 2 hours SEC Agrees to Redact Two Documents in Ripple Lawsuit—But Not Ripple CEO’s Financial Info Decrypt 2 hours Why the NFT Boom Feels So Much Like Gambling Decrypt 3 hours 6 Questions for Wes Levitt of Theta Labs Cointelegraph 3 hours What Are The Top Travel Stocks For 2021? Reddit MILK2 is the cornerstone of the SpaceSwap ecosystem which makes this step the most important one of all. It covers all events that help crypto traders make better decisions. PancakeSwap volume in the last 24 hours is reported to be at ₿19,798. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform. 129 Decentralized trading protocol on Binance Smart Chain - PancakeSwap. pancakeswap discord