xv535 fuel reserve switch The pressure is easily adjustable from 2 to 7 psi. $7. Free Returns. But if you must have it one way or the other just switch the lines . Mine is like the one at the Free 2-day shipping. You switch to RESERVE which does draw directly off the bottom of the tank, restart the bike if needed, and go find fuel. Les pièces proviennent d'une version 1998, la plupart des pièces conviendront de 1991 à 2004. 5 inch or even lower. Time for a clean-up and new filter. The XV535's plush seat is comfy but the pillion perch is tiny. The manual just says "3. In most cases, the main and the reserve settings are actually drawing from the same tank, but there are two outlets through which the fuel may leave. fuel switch You don't have a off switch on the fuel valve. In theory, when you switch to the reserve, there is another hole in the fuel cock assembly next to the main pipe that will draw fuel. You would switch to reserve if you ran out of fuel and it would switch the fuel suction to the bottom of the tank and would allow you to travel a few more miles to get to a gas station. There are 2 tubes inside of your fuel tank - 1 high and 1 low. YAMAHA GENUINE NEW VIRAGO XV535 1990 FUEL RESERVE SWITCH PN 3JB-83964-00. 05 US gallons. $17. If it shuts off while driving, the yellow indicator light to the left of the fuel gauge for the reserve tank use comes on, but the fuel tank is not low (happens when full and not in reserve tank). Chapter 4 Part B Ignition system (XV700 through 1100 models) 4B-1. $11. com. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship . 39 US$6. Virago 1999. Yamaha XV535 Virago repair manual PDF The reserve isn't a seperate tank or anything, the petcock valve has two different siphon tubes, and a off position usally. The reserve part will take . Good mirrors but they do vibrate at high revs . Joined Feb 17, 2005 · 6 Posts . 5 left. 31 P. However, all tanks on offer are not designed for every type of fluid; e. $25. I don't know the reason why but I have had this problem several times. 53. I modified the fuel system because the electric reserve was unreliable and now run without a reserve. a "fuel transfer valve") and dashboard connecting rod are visible at the bottom of the photo. 5 L (1. Figure 1. Разборка топливного клапана резерва. Chapter 5 Part B Fuel capacity 8,6 l / 2,27 US gal – Virago 535 (1987-1988) 13,5 l / 3,6 US gal (reserve – 2,5 l) – Virago 535 (1989-2003) Trail 125 mm / 4,92 in Fuel economy / consumption 5,0 l / 100 km (47,0 US mpg) ENGINE Type Air-cooled 4-stroke Cylinder arrangement 2-cylinders V-type Bore & Stroke 76,0 x 59,0 mm Displacement 535 cm³ (32,6 cu in) Filling Your Fuel Tanks: Turn Fuel Valve to reserve before filling tanks (insures from run-dry operation). A 535 doesn't have a fuel gauge. Be sure to return the knob to the OFF position after stopping the engine. 3) In case you don't notice, 30 seconds or so later the black box kills power to the fuel pump, which after a few more seconds will cause the bike to give obvious signs of needing fuel. Does anyone have Petrol and Diesel Price Today in India: Petrol and Diesel rate on March 31, 2021, remain the same as yesterday across major metro cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and others. Interrupteur fuel robinet. View and Download Yamaha XV 535 DX Virago service manual online. How does the reserve/main fuel tank work on an 8N? The knob on the sediment bowl says 2 turns for main, full open for reserve. Before buying the item "Switch Reserve Yamaha XV535 Virago (3BR)", read the full item description to find out more about condition & scope of delivery and to avoid wrong purchases!. Which BTW, is very easy to remember especially after experiencing running out. I'd say the reserve is about 1. It has a thermistor, which when it sees air across the head of it, turns off the fuel pump. This indicator light comes on for three seconds when the ignition switch is turned to the "on" position. com. or Best Offer. 3-gallon reserve". 0 out of 5 stars 3 The Yamaha Virago 535 is a motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Corporation. By the way I get anywhere from 55 to 60 miles a gallon. Click for info on curbside pickup available at Cycle Gear stores & how we’re working to ensure a safe shopping experience. i removed the seats battery and the tank bolts,then the side piece of the frame including the footrest,and also the front flexi mudguard,so you can move the tank up and sideways bit, then using a short strong phillips driver you can just about get the two screws out "they are The reserve notion is just an adjustment by the fuel **** switch. 7 of that being reserve. Fuel filter crud. When the fuel in the fuel tank drops below approximately 4. The reason the engineer’s designed it this way is because there is not a fuel gauge. At speeds higher than 75 m. 4 feet to the lower of the fill or vent. I'm not too sure on 4 wheelers but on older carburated motorcycles, the fuel valves had 3 positions on them. Fuel Shut off - reserve switch. I get c180 miles from fill-up to running on fumes. I have found you have to stop on the side of the road switch to prime and then to reserve. 83 44% Off Gas Petcock Fuel Tap Valve Tank Switch For Honda CBR600F1 87-90 VLX600 Shadow 88-07 11 reviews COD The Fuel Switch determines which straw is used to access the fuel in the tank. Things that affect gas mileage (MPG) for smaller bikes like the 800 would be the rpms the bike was running on that tank of gas. US Fuel Gas Cap Cover Lock For Yamaha Maxim XJ XS 400 550 650 700 750 1100 XV250. In the older model you had a fuel tap with reserve function. When the switch is in the "ON" position the fuel is fed into the fuel pump from both tanks, when the fuel light comes on, if your bike is so equipped, the level in the main (upper) tank is at a level where the low fuel warning detector in the main tank causes a signal to shut off the fuel pump, when you move the switch to the "RES" position, it I have a 1996 XV535 virago . Yamaha XV535 Virago 1997, Fuel Petcock Repair Kit by K&S Technologies®. com There is NO Fuel Reserve, thus no switch. The reserve switch on the on older bikes theres not a reserve iv got a cbr 750 hurricain (import)what it is theres two tubes leading up the petrol tank one longer than the other so when you run out it draws it from the smaller tube atleast thats what mine dosePS avverage reserve on a bike that size is approx 3-4 litres if thats any help. with that said, a pic would help, but I had a leaky petcock on my 4 wheeler. NEW YAMAHA XV535 XV 535 VIRAGO NOS FUEL TANK GAS PETROL GRAPHIC EMBLEM DECAL SET For Yamaha Virago XV250 XV125 240 535 Ignition Switch Fuel Gas Cap Lock Key Set. Total Flow Control Electric Fuel Valve,Meets USCG regulations,Manual override,1/2"NPT inlet/outlets,Flows 240 GPM. Fuel Tank Selector Switch, Ford, Each See More Specifications | Check the Fit. They sell petcock rebuild kits, but not for my 4 wheeler, so I used liquid gasket maker, and all is good now. For Yamaha Virago XV250 XV125 240 535 Ignition Switch Fuel Gas Cap Lock Key Set. h the fuel consumption rises dramatically. P. It has to have a vaccum for gas to flow. You then should switch the switch to reserve and it should then run on the last 3 litres. 4) Move switch to RES. 4 Us gal), this indicator light comes on. 99; Buy It Now +$17. Had to take it all apart and bleed the system like a diesel to get it to work again. I don't get very heavy on the gas. Can anyone tell me if there is a fuel reserve switch on this bike? Book says 3. k. This one has the fuel sender with a extra (+- 3 litre tank) which I believe is supposed to electronically act as if it is running out of fuel. For this reason, the reserve quantity cannot be Fuel indicator light 8. Once you switch over, get gas. 36 shipping; 98 Yamaha XV1100 XV 1100 Virago gas fuel switch. 98 Power window switches P. On my new 2015 Foreman Rubicon I'm not seeing any type of "switch" to switch to reserve tank. The sender (which resides in the fuel tank) is actually a switch designed to turn the warning light on when the supply of gas available through the high tower inlet is about to run out. 542. Yamaha Xv535 Xv 535 Virago Fuel On / Reserve Switch. 3-gallon reserve". I ride on the street. The bike has a reserve solenoid, mounted in/on the bottom of the lower fuel tank. 53 shipping; Fuel Gas Tank Cap Cover Lock Key For Yamaha Virago XV250 XV535 XV1100 XV750. The VRSCs are not equipped with a "reserve" tank or switch, instead, HD has outfitted them with cutting edge, deadly accurate fuel gauges, you should never have any problems whatsoever. My main question is, does the sportsman have a reserve gas tank switch/lever when fuel is low? Ignition Switch Fuel Gas Cap Cover Key Lock Set For Honda FES 125 250 150 T05. When the high one no longer can suck down fuel it turns on the low fuel light and your bike will run until the lower tube can not get anymore fuel. 6 cu in). Here is a photo of three of them. Solenoid reserve switch is prone to failure and a pain to fix, but can be replaced with a mechanical valve. On a 1985 Yamaha Virago the reserve fuel switch is forward or back to start the reserve fuel flow? 1985 Yamaha - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. However, the reserve switch is on the bars, which is a bonus. You should run it with the knob pointing straight down for normal then when it runs out turn it to the front of the bike for reserve. the top says reserve and the bottom says on so which is it? You can delete the switch. Some older petcocks have the problem of starving the engine at higher RPMs when using the vacuum system. 69. 74; Buy It Now View and Download Yamaha Virago XV535 owner's manual online. 9 gallons still left. Chances are it's going to go from totally useless to semi-useless. See Fuel Valve The fuel valve is located between the fuel tank and carburetor. The main fuel pipe is elevated so that you can empty the fuel tank to the top of the main draw pipe. Chapter 5 Part A Steering, suspension and final drive (XV535 models) 5A-1. The fuel reserve switch (a. The Reserve/ON switch can be reversed. Solder it, support and see if your fuel reserve led behaves a bit better. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. Just remove the rubber plug on the back of the sender and adjust the set screw using a 7/32" Allen wrench (turn clockwise to increase the trigger pressure; counter-clockwise Click for info on curbside pickup available at Cycle Gear stores & how we’re working to ensure a safe shopping experience. On my new 2015 Foreman Rubicon I'm not seeing any type of "switch" to switch to reserve tank. Follow it up to the fuel valve and see what side it is. $8. p. the Fuel being transferred from 1 and 4 to each respective inboard tank is done only and only Manually by the Main Fuel Transfer Switch if I recall correctly and, unlike the RSV transfer mode, it does not have an automatic mode which has an Auto mode and an On(forced Transfer) mode. $41. My GS500F has the ON position down and the reserve UP. 00 shipping; 1984-97 Yamaha XV700 XV750 XV1100 XV1000 Virago Headlight Mount Stay. 06. 13; or Best Offer +$5. I saw that some of the older models actually have a reserve switch that you turn. 6 gallons and I'm not sure what the reserve really is. We use Mondial Relay for parcels up to 30 kilos. It has to have a vaccum for gas to flow. Was: Previous Price. A 3 psig test will cover installations whose height from the lowest point in the fuel system is 6. Blue '07 DL650 with OEM centerstand, OEM 'large' windshield, SW-Motech crash bars, Grip Puppies, JC Whitney top case, OEM handguards, Symtec heated grips, Throttle Rocker, SV Racing Frame Sliders, MadStad and frickin' laser beams When the gasoline drops below the tall spout, the bike sputters and requires you to go to reserve. Fuel Switch Valve - Ninja 250Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fuel Switch ValveFuel Valve Kawasaki Ninja 250Ninja 250 Fuel Valve SwitchPrime and On Ninja 250 Fuel Switch V My neighbor has a Husqvarna lawn tractor, Model YT48XLS that has the Reserve Fuel Valve, #532420828. it is at the bottom of the sub tank and is a Snollygoster to get to and that is exactly why I resorted to keeping tabs on the mileage, especially on long trips. 84 Carburetor Carb Fuel Gas Petcock Valve Switch For Yamaha Grizzly 600 1998-2001 2 reviews COD US$4. 64Buy It Now19d 12h. When the fuel level drops to the height that the taller tube cannot get any gas, then we switch to the lower, reserve, tube. Fill main tank per normal procedure while bike is securely resting on side stand. The normal fuel intake from the fuel tank will drain fuel 2 inches higher than the bottom level. Your RUN position has a taller tube, so once the fuel level drops below the siphon tube level, you switch over to the RESERVE position, which has a lower siphon level in the tank. In the center of that knob, that little black cap will pop out exposing a phillips head screw. First, a fuel sender and low fuel light were added to warn us of a low fuel condition and encourage us to switch the petcock to reserve. Not sure what the reserve holds. It appears to me that I only need to drill a hole in my take and install the fuel valve. 101 On my 2011 F800GS, I've gone 62 miles on the reserve before completely running out (had extra fuel with me to test the range) with a 48mpg average. The sender (which resides in the fuel tank) is actually a switch designed to turn the warning light on when the supply of gas available through the high tower inlet is about to run out. Once the knob is off, that black plastic ring has a black plastic nut, under that knob you just pulled off. To service the filter you remove the tank and remove several screws on the large round port. And I see threads and folks talking about their reserve. 95. I would like to purchase and use this valve on my lawn tractor, Model YT46LS. I have hit reserve a few times but I was close to a fuel station. 2007 VRSCDX Remember, the 500 has a vacume fuel feed, if you are on the road and you have to switch from the main to reserve you will have a problem. It has a cylindrical head with a flat chamfered top surface, modern dance and any dance class, Fuel Cap Lock Motorcycle Ignition Switch Fuel Gas Cap Seat Lock Steering Lock Helmet Lock for Virago XV535 XV250 XV125, we recommend you to double check size measurement in each product description comparing with your clothes. 6 left. Switching the fuel **** to ON will take fuel from the former state (higher) while selecting RESERVE will drain fuel from the later Enrilior Virago Ignition XV535,Motorcycle Switch Fuel Gas Cap Seat Lock Keys Compatible with Y-a-m-a-h-a Virago XV250 XV125 $40. FUEL VA&E KNOB IO Re: Fuel Tank Aux Switch - Which Tank is Which? « Reply #10 on: August 13, 2012, 09:09 PM » My '73 dodge (440-3) Titan has the main tank on the passenger side and the aux tank on the drivers side. 102 Hood lock release lever* Driving position memory switches∗ P. The manual just says "3. Even at that, there's still a small amount left, that won't make it to the spout. This is a genuine Yamaha FUEL TANK for a XV535 VIRAGO 1992 Motorcycles. But you can look into the fuel tank from the filler and see the fuel usually. 20. The fuel level in the fuel tank, when the fuel warning lamp switches on, depends on the driving dynamics. there was a little fuel in the top tank, and some in the bottom. 53 Watching. The XV535’s plush seat is comfy but the pillion perch is tiny. When you run w/ the 'PRIME' on, it's gravity fed from the bottom tank ( reserve ). The reserve is always a small quantity of the total supply. 19 See P. 00 shipping. When the fuel in the fuel tank drops below approximately 1. com On the fuel cock there is small tube that sticks up. fuel switch You don't have a off switch on the fuel valve. 98 Door lock switch P. THIS PART IS IN GREAT SHAPE AND WAS REMOVED FROM A LOW MILEAGE WELL KEPT 1997 XV 1100. Part Number: YAMAHA XV535 VIRAGO SERVICE REPAIR MANUAL 1987-1993 DOWNLOAD!!! YAMAHA XV535 VIRAGO MOTORCYCLE SERVICE & REPAIR MANUAL (1987 to 1993) - DOWNLOAD! Yamaha XV535 Virago MOTORCYCLE SERVICE REPAIR MANUAL 1987-2003 DOWNLOAD; Yamaha XV535 Virago Motorcycle Service & Repair Manual - Download! YAMAHA XV535 XV700 XV1100 VIRAGO BIKE SERVICE REPAIR MANUAL The only fuel problems I have had was on time, I ran out of gas when it was on normal when I tried to switch to reserve some how it sucked in an air bubble. When you switch to reserve, you feed off the shorter, lower (level) spout, until the bike runs out of fuel. But I average about 110-125 miles before I have to kick in my reserve. Also covers 1988-2003 Yamaha XV535 International Models (non US market) Access the Yamaha XV535 Virago Online Motorcycle Manual NOW by CLICKING HERE – No waiting, no shipping, view it from anywhere, print it out – take it to the garage. On my Yammi, i had one by the carb also with a reserve position. Am going to investigate At legal speeds, riding solo (up to 75 m. The car restarts, runs for several seconds and shuts off again. $9. Primary, off, and reserve. You'll take that screw out, then remove the knob. Find the solenoid, trace the wires back to the last connector. $13. $51. However, I found out my speedo is about 5 mph slower than actual speed, so I am really questioning my range. but who knows? -johnrg has got the right stuff. WILL FIT ALL VIRAGOS XV 1000-1100 AND YEARS 1984-1999 CHECK MY STORE FOR OTHER BARGAINS!! just to answer my own question. This way the carbs are not dry. Sports bikes have Fuel Injection method there isn't any carburetor, so we don't have main fuel switch or reserve. Good mirrors but they do vibrate at high revs. 97 Trunk opener P. 3. Lights switch Fuel reserve switch See full list on cyclechaos. This tube is the "main" fuel draw pipe. leaking around gas reserve switch. If you continue to operate the bike at the reserve level and run out of fuel you will be OUT OF FUEL (see pushing the bike). When I gas up right after I switch to reserve, it usually takes about 2. C $72. phil_e · Registered. Simple as that. 1999 KLR with 38,000 miles; I used to have a range of 200 miles or more before I switched to reserve; now at about 130-150 miles I cannot switch fast enough before the bike completely cuts off! After I pull over, keep the valve on reserve, and turn the bike over 5-10 times it will start again 1997 Yamaha XV535 Virago 1998 Yamaha XV535 Virago 1999 Yamaha XV535 Virago 2000 Yamaha XV535 Virago. Bike fual reserve setting Bike petrol switch reserve#pulsar #reserve #switch#pulsar #reserve #settings#pulsarbikepetrolreservesetting#pulsarbikereservepositi The Yamaha XV535 Virago has a clear, analogue speedo but no fuel light or rev counter. Yamaha XV535 Virago large fuel tank Gives additional 9 litres (2 gallons of additional fuel range to the Yammy XV535 only fits dummy tank pre 1990 models kit includes a fuel tap and additonal fuel pipe and tee adaptor!! Selling 1/2 price!! This tank conversion combines functionality with great looks ideal for custom paintjob/murals!! Yamaha Virago XV535 DX 2YL 1998. 09Buy It Now22d 13h. Problem is the solenoids are prone to getting clogged up so they dont move, or breaking completely. 99 Ignition Switch Fuel Gas Cap Cover Lock Set With 2 Keys For Honda CBR900RR 919RR 8 reviews COD US$19. I saw that some of the older models actually have a reserve switch that you turn. This low pressure warning switch is perfect for turning on a light (sold separately) to indicate a loss of fuel pressure. I have never dropped low enough on fuel to find out witch position the switch needs to be in. The Yamaha XV535 Virago has a clear, analogue speedo but no fuel light or rev counter. 35 US$34. It does not seem to work as I have run out of fuel with no warning light coming on and was unable to accomplish anything by switching the reserve switch on the right side of the handlebars. $69. Turns out the gasket was bad. I am wondering though, my "reserve" option on the fuel line isn't working as it should. -hello, I have recently bought 1991 VFR 750 RC-36 and I'd appreciate if someone post picture of FUEL SWITCH of his VFR750 RC-36, I need to see where are standing marks for ON-OFF-RESERVE, they are wiped out on my bike, and I dont know in which position to move it. 3. XV 535 DX Virago motorcycle pdf manual download. only specific tanks are approved for use with gasoline. A friend with an 03 said it's not much, I thought it was about a gallon tho. . I's easy to test up to the solenoid. The fuel tap solenoid appears to be faulty and it cuts off the fuel supply when there’s still lots of fuel in the tank, even though the fuel switch on the fairing is switched to reserve. 5 L (0. It shouldn't be terribly hard to determine the fuel level roughly. 97 Tire pressure warning re-set switch P. Now I drag the floor boards and switch to reserve on the fly without much thought. Unplug the connector, check that there is 12 volts at the connector when the reserve switch (and ignition) is on. 2 US gallons and the regular (before reserve) capacity is about 3. In my case the solenoid wasn't working. Then you know which one is reserve. Free Shipping. It is as though the fuel is draining through the reserve fuel tube in the petcock assembly all the time. Azerbaijan names state structures to switch to Government-Cloud ICT 1 April 17:13 Details of upcoming meeting of Russian, Azerbaijani FMs disclosed Politics 1 April 17:12 . 59 33% Off Fuel Gas Switch Pump Valve Petcock 50cc 150cc Scooter Moped Go Kart For Gy6 16 reviews COD pressure created at the lowest point in the fuel system when the fill or vent line, whichever is lower in height, is filled to its top with fuel, as indicated in 183. We offer tanks that are legal for the transport of gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, and other liquids. Most people run from the reserve line, although you have to have an idea of your fuel level. Fuel was coming out of the feed pipe to the carbs, also checked it with the reserve switch on and off. 8 See P. 1994 Yamaha XV535 Virago Parts & Accessories at CycleGear. Yamaha FZR 1000 Genesis Exup 1995 Clutch Cut Out Switch (8166720) $24. What we don't agree on is on the gravity flow '86-'87 FJ's exactly what causes the bike to sputter or stutter. or Best Offer. 9 gallons, including 1. tampametal · 1992 Vulcan 750 The longer fuel pickup is the reserve. full tank==open/infinite ohms; empty tank==<2ohms (guessing; might have 'em reversed). . pretty easy really. My 560 SEL sometimes shuts off after starting, or shuts off while driving. Does the reserve automatically kick on? My fuel light goes on after I've burned about 2 gallons off a full tank. That means there is 1. Black box lights fuel lamp to let you know you're on the sub-tank. It doesn't have a reserve on the petcock. 9 gallons, including 1. 07 Topteng Motorcycle Ignition Switch Gas Petrol Cap Cover Lock Key Set for Yamaha Virago XV125 XV250 XV535 XXV240 250 1990-2011 First, a fuel sender and low fuel light were added to warn us of a low fuel condition and encourage us to switch the petcock to reserve. With fuel injection there is no Reserve switch/lever. The best I can tell the tank is more like 5. Chapter 3 Part B Fuel and exhaust systems (XV700 through 1100 models) 3B-1. Headlight switch Turn signal lever Fog light switch* P. p. Easier way is Clockwise to stop is always ON - Counter clockwise to stop is always reserve - off is always midway between the two. The fuel filter is inside the tank. 9 is reserve. That's as complicated as it gets. This time I knew what was going on and the switch was perfect, hardly missed a beat. I've always had bikes that have a fuel reserve on them. When you have minimum of ½ gallon of fuel in the main tank, flip the toggle switch to activate fuel transfer pump. when I switch to reserve fuel , there is no fuel left . There is an audible click when the switch is activated , but reserve fuel is not there when needed . 50; or Best Offer +$3. fuel tap electrical switch, reserve. Is it possible to run it out of gas, then use the remaining . Clutch lever EAU00149 2. You can hear the fuel pump working - when it is getting near full it makes an odd noise and tries to continuously run and it wasn't doing that. Good mirrors but they do vibrate at high revs. When the knob is in the ON position, fuel is allowed to flow from the fuel tank to the carburetor. So it doesn't matter which side you turn it to. g. Engine stop switch 1. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 2 Yamaha Virago XV535 "1993 vx535 UK Hi, I think that I have finally traced my fuel problems to either a blocked petcock reserve tower or a stuck solenoid. 5 gallons of fuel left in the tank. YAMAHA XV535 XV 535 VIRAGO FUEL RESERVE SWITCH. Does full open include reserve only or reserve + main? What happens when it's open 3 or 4 turns (in between the two)? Does it matter where the knob is set when you fill up? Kawasaki has the fuel tank at 6. virago 535 fuel reserve I have an 87 virago 535 which has some sort of electric fuel reserve switch. I have a 2007 Electra Glide Ultra and I see nothing in the owners manual and I see nothing under the left side of the tank to indicate a reserve switch. We also have auxiliary fuel tanks that can automatically transfer fuel to your truck’s stock fuel tank. CNC Fuel Gas Tank Cap For Yamaha Virago XV125 XV250 400 535 750 1100 Vstar XV250. Chapter 4 Part A Ignition system (XV535 models) 4A-1. The 535 does need a little bit of attention, valve clearances and carb sync need doing regularly, but yamaha have made this ridiculously easy to do. Carbs and Fuel System. Fuel Valve Petcock Shut Off Switch and Lever Screw Compatible with Kawasaki Prairie 360 KVF360 2003-2013 Prairie 400 KVF400 1997-1998 Fuel Tank Switch Valve and Lines Replace 51023-1402 51023-1316 5. here is a yamaha virago fuel on/reserve fuel switch. It is one of several in the Virago line and is positioned as mid-size metric cruiser with an engine displacement of 535 cc (32. So am I missing something or does this model not have a reserve. Yamaha XV535 Virago for factory, Chilton & Haynes service repair manuals. I have a 2010 sportsman 500ho and have not located a full shut off near the carb. I shut the fuel off while transporting it. _____ just for clarification, its the fuel "petcock", switch makes it sound electrical. 5-2. 9 gallon take, which . US$59. RESERVE - In this position, a known but small volume of fuel is available to allow the rider to be able to reach a petrol station. Am I missing something here? I know it's all one fuel system and there is no separate tank. 1996 Yamaha XV535 Virago Parts & Accessories at CycleGear. This causes power to be restored to the fuel pump and bike runs again. The longer straw is used when the switch is on “main”, the shorter staw when the switch is set to reserve. Buy FAGINEY Motorcycle Ignition Switch Fuel Gas Cap Seat Lock Keys for Yamaha Virago XV535 XV250 XV125 , Gas Cap Lock, Motorcycle Fuel Cap Lock for Yamaha at Walmart. There are 63 parts belonging to this particular FUEL TANK component, all of which are detailed in the parts list including the latest prices. 47 Fuel filler door opener P. garyPPSif your fuel tap turns 360 it will be when its pointing down good luck. is there any kind of switch to use reserve fuel on my 22014 outlander max 400 xt or does it just run off of the main tank?,can't seem to find anything in the book on it,thanks I know that it is a little redundant any way with a fuel guage a fuel low warning light and a reserve switch. 1 gallons with . First off, be aware that there are several types of Ponton fuel filter/reserve switch units. Switched to reserve and off I went to the gas station put just a tad of fuel in the tank and off I went again. Usually there is 1 - 1. I have run out of fuel a few times on it sinc eI have had it, and from what I calculate, I am getting about 33 - 35 mpg. You should run it with the knob pointing straight down for normal then when it runs out turn it to the front of the bike for reserve. Am I missing something here? I know it's all one fuel system and there is no separate tank. C $69. First is the likelihood that the carbs will overflow (see OFF above) or because the PRIME position uses the RESERVE fuel level. 27 Inside lock button P. ) US$13. The bubble cavitated the fuel pump, and prevented it from getting any gas on reserve. The failure of this shutoff system necessitates the rebuilding or replacement of the valve. 8 gallons. Not Yet Reviewed. 68. Dorman 901-301 - Dorman Reserve Fuel Tank Switches RNB-901-301. I know that it is electronic not a level valve but a ignition cut out switch. 2 Us gal), this indicator blinks. you can test your reed switch by unplugging it and using an Ohm-meter. The pump and filter come out of the big hole and you can service the pump and filter on the bench. However, the reserve switch is on the bars, which is a bonus. Part Number: EMS-MSSF-100. Fuel and exhaust systems (XV535 models) 3A-1. The more the fuel is moved within the tank (due to frequently changing inclined positions, frequent braking and accelerating), the more difficult it is to determine the reserve quantity. Manufactured in the United States, Buy Neliblu Luau Party Supplies. The fuel selector is the valve you use to switch between on, off and reserve. Re: Fuel switch selector positions? Every on/off I have seen is the same - forget front or back or bow stern - if on was toward front and, someone installs it upside down, on becomes toward the back. The shorter fuel pick up is the "on" . However, the reserve switch is on the bars, which is a bonus. The Yamaha XV535 Virago has a clear, analogue speedo but no fuel light or rev counter. Re: the reserve switch. 9 gallons in The reserve the book tells you about is indicated when your fuel gauge starts flashing. The reserve feature is a switch on the handlebar which moves a solenoid at the bottom of the tank to allow fuel from the shorter tube to flow through, acting as a reserve supply of fuel. You can definitely rock the bike back and forth and hear it sloshing around. you can remove the fuel tap on the xv535 tank,but it is a bit of a tight squeeze. On the '89-'93 fuel pump FJ's I think we all agree that the reserve function, when triggered, turns off the fuel pump, the bike sputters, until the switch is moved to reserve, at which point the fuel pump starts again. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. 7 Window lock switch P. h) I used to get c120 miles before having to switch to reserve. Running the "on" to your carb will waste all the fuel below your "on" pick up, meaning you will have un-useable fuel in your tank when the ski craps out. xv535 fuel reserve switch