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Tabernanthe Iboga (Iboga Root Bark)

Iboga Root Bark contains Ibogaine, which has been shown to be extremely successful in treating most any alcohol, drug or chemical addiction.

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Iboga Seed Pods

The fruits are not available year round, please contact us for availability

The Pods are unopened, and contain between 18 to 24 fresh seeds.

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Iboga TA

TA stands for “total alkaloid.” Iboga TA is an extract containing all the alkaloids present in the iboga root bark.

 It also contains other psychoactive alkaloids, Ibogamine, Iboxigaine, Gabonine, Iboquine, Kisantine and Ibolutenine
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what is ibogaine and where to buy Ibogaine

What is Ibogaine

What is Ibogaine; Ibogaine hcl is the purified etract from of iboga root barks. We administer the highest quality iboga in the Total alkaloid form that has been grown naturally. We do the extraction on the fresh root bark ourselves to ensure the process is done correctly. After the extraction we take the TA powder and fill clear capsules so you can swallow them without taste of the bitterness. The iboga shrubs we use are not harmed in the process and the harvesting involves a Bwiti Ceremony. Many people ask the question, Why don’t you use Ibogaine? Ibogaine is just one chemically isolated alkaloid from the second layer of the iboga root. 65% of the Total alkaloid that we use consists of Ibogaine. However, there are at least 11 other alkaloids that have been identified, and many have healing properties. For example, there are two indole alkaloids within the iboga root that have been studied for treating pain. The two alkaloids that have shown the highest analgesic effects are Tabernanthine and Ibogaine. This is a reason why the use of the iboga root total alkaloid extract (TA) can be more useful than Ibogaine alone. Buy ibogaine

Iboga TA for treating pain can be an alternative to morphine and other narcotics that have the potential to cause respiratory depression as well as addiction. In fact, iboga is considered an “anti-addictive” substance. Buy ibogaine

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